Category History and Futures GDE720

Week 12

This week I analyse my final retail platform, SAMLA, through a video case study, where I use the combination of sound, image and graphics to communicate a message. I also develop a video ad where I look at how sound and imagery can be juxtaposed to symbolise different moments in time.

Week 11

How can we covert fast fashion shoppers to considerable consumers? This week I attempt to solve second hand shopping user issues by developing a sustainable fashion platform.

Week 10

This week I investigate issues with second hand shopping in Norway through semi-structured interviews and local press research. By doing so I gain a large volume of insight, which I later focus and analyse through the weekly workshop challenge. A brief on digital shopping experiences is established for the week to come.

Week 9

For week 9 I look at service design as I research into the tools and processes used in the field. Through a variety of case studies I also investigate how service design can work in practice. Further, I question wether or not art and branding can be referred to as service design.

Week 8

This week I make the story of my grandfather come to life as I create a physical publication about his life and practice. I explore ways of incorporating fluidity into a functional layout structure, with a focus on photographs and illustrations. I also embrace the notion of nostalgia by realising my publication concept which features a wooden box of memories.

Week 7

This week I discuss the importance of purpose in texts and publications. I look at the pacing and tone of voice in lifestyle articles, which I later try to implement as I write my first and second draft for this module’s essay. Further, I investigate how production methods can be used to communicate a message by focusing on the story of my grandfather.

Week 6

This week I explore two different directions for my written essay. I reflect upon the act of collecting, by visiting old news paper articles as well as interviewing a collector. I also look into my grandfather’s wooden boat business through family interviews and general information on the craft.

Week 5

This week I look at visual writing and designers who write. I discuss how one can use tone of voice and production methods in order to communicate a concept, with a focus on branding. For the workshop challenge I make up a dumpling restaurant concept, for which I attempt to create a correlating set of text and visuals.

Week 4

This week I continue to look at information design, focusing on humanising big data. This is demonstrated through mixing physical experiments with a digital interface, as I embark on the workshop challenge. My response is a visualisation of political emission cut goals, which aim is to guide people on how to vote sustainably.

Week 3

This week I look at data visualisation as I ask wether or not an infographic's sole function can be to be visually pleasing. For the workshop challenge I analyse the poster Moon Landings, which I present as an editorial, using interpretive visual pieces made from coal.