Category Application and Interactions GDE740

Week 11

This week I begin to iterate on my interface by rethinking the user journey and use of photography. Through feedback from Ben and John I begin to see how point clouds can force you to see an object's form, as apposed to more realistic qualities.

Week 8

This week I begin to explore potential concepts for the Science Museum brief. I dig into way finding systems, co-design, and user generated narratives, as I also begin to develop my way of working with concept development on the way.

Week 7

In week 7 I dive into trend forecasting as I attempt to research trends in relation to concept development. I also begin to gather conceptual research for my project, as I investigate the science behind technological systems.

Week 5

In week 5 I embark on the second brief of the module where we’ll choose an industry led brief. I reflect upon the briefs given to us and the possibilities connected to each one. Further, I go on to research competitive project examples related to my chosen brief, which is the one given by The Science Museum.

Week 3

This week I continue to develop my typeface by designing a full set of capital letters for Modul. I also look at Walter Benjamin’s Task of the Translator and how design can be used to communicate the intention of an original.