Category MA Project GDE750

Week 21

In week 21 I continue my development process by experimenting with depth and layering for 2D screens, refining the typography of my design and reflecting on platforms for the website prototype.

Week 16

This week I develop three personas which guide me forward in design development. I also start to experiment with AR as I explore the idea of an augmented reality exhibition.

Week 14

This week it was time to continue my ideation process, now with the remaining ideas, Democratic dictionary and Welcome to Oslo awareness campaign. Idea development: Democratic dictionary I started by doing a mind map, where I attempted to develop someā€¦

Week 13

In week 13 I begin to iterate on two of the four ideas from stage 3. I develop a set of mind maps and moodboards as I attempt to realise various project directions.

Week 12 (including holiday-weeks)

In week 12 I dive deeper into Esperanto by collecting insight from literature and interviews. I also begin to ideate on outcomes and final ideas as I develop descriptive words and moodboards for Esperanto's inner idea. Finally I conclude by present my report draft, action plan and final design ideas for phase 3.

Easter break

This week I reflect on the redirection of my project by establishing current project aims, research question, audience and project paragraph. I also continue to work on my literature review as a warm up for my critical report.