Category Contemporary Practice GDE710

Week 12

In week 12 I look at the future of design within a sustainable context. What will happen to the planet if we fail to take action? And what might packaging look like in the future if we manage to make the transition? These are questions I attempt to respond to in the last workshop challenge of this module.

Week 11

For week 11 I look at semiotics. I analyse how the message of Black Lives Matter is communicated through vandalism of statues of previous slave owners. Further I reflect upon what we might take from this way of communicating, in order to get a message across at a global level.

Week 10

For week 10 I look into hand printing and how one might hand print letters from home using lino. I discuss a project that uses a unifying approach to typography and look at works by Anthony Burrill and Otl Aicher. For my workshop challenge I create a poster that visualises the poem We Real Cool.

Week 9

Week 9 is a week of experimentation and play. I look at the duality between office and home through juxtaposing physical elements. I also make an important discovery on good design and the usefulness of leaving certain things unsaid.

Week 8

This week I document my current skillset as well as skills I would like to obtain in the future. I have a go at making letters for a potential typeface, and I investigate potential ways of making a typography zine as part of a side project.

Week 7

This week I explore the theories of design methodologies. I use my findings to create a children’s story about a porcelain dog, which I end up visualising in an illustrated book.

Week 6

For week 6 I focus on recording the street Rosenhoffgata in a variety of ways. I look at a set of allotment gardens both in the contemporary and the historic sense. In terms of research I investigate the art of sketchbooks, as well as a variety of ways of evidencing one’s surroundings. Lastly I attempt to make a zine about contrast, where every page becomes a contrast to the previous.

Week 5

For week 5 I explore idea generating design processes like sketching and blind drawing, as well as principles of sustainable design strategies. I also try to convey answers to the question: how can we nurture our intuition and creativity, in order to come up with new and innovative ideas?

Week 4

In week 4 I reflect upon the self and how our need for products comes from our urge to work on the reflexive project of our selfs. With the use of sound waves, I experiment with automatism and the visualisation of the non-visual. I also explore our need for products further, with the creation of INGRID’s fizz, a set of soda can designs, meant to represent the self of Ingrid.

Week 3

This week I look at the variety in terminologies in graphic design. Is it possible to categorise them in a systematic way and can you really separate illustration from typography? I also experiment with type design and motion graphics, and reflect upon the sourcing of inspiration from physical surroundings.