Category Studio and Entrepreneurship GDE730

Week 11

In week 11 I look into audiences and how they can affect a creative output through audience research. Through a SWOT analysis I come up with the idea of a pamphlet subscription service, which I go on to develop an initial prototype for.

Week 9

For week 9 I explore the topic of design entrepreneurship through a range of case studies and interviews. As I start to reflect on my personal worries towards entrepreneurship I investigate the importance of confidence and self reflection, which I eventually begin to visualise through organic infographics centred around positivity and ecouragement.

Week 7

How can we use craft oriented processes to involve a community in visual development, in order to create a unique design that is community reflective and disclaims design trends? For week 7 I develop ideas for a collaborative tool where crafts are of the essence.

Week 6

This week I look at interdisciplinary collaboration as I investigate ways of working with non-designers. Through a lightning decision jam in collaboration with a teacher, I gain insight by asking the question “how can we engage teachers and students during museum visits arranged by schools”?

Week 5

This week I look at co-creation and variations of collaborations. I investigate Studio Lowrie’s visual identity work with the Sundance Film Festival for 2020, and analyse their collaborative relationships with the festival and other creatives. I also experiment with physical application as I go on to design an editorial design which encourages tactile interaction.

Week 3

In week 3 I look at IP law and ways of avoiding infringement. Through a case study by Scandinavian Design Group, I investigate IP law in the light of branding, of which I later create a pamphlet which explores visual mirroring.