Week 11

This week I dive into the concept of universal language, attempting to establish the value of Esperanto whilst also exploring it's limitations.

Week 8

In week 8 I take a step back from development, to gather feedback from an industry specialist and the panel review. By establishing where I'm at, I'm able to see several gaps in my project that will need to be filled.

Week 7

In week 7 I begin to prepare for the industry panel review by testing various ideas. I continue to refine my ideas through mindmaps and moodboards, and finally attempt to visualise aspects of these in Glyphs.

Week 6

This week I look at constructed languages, attempting to understand how I can go on to build one of my own. I also embark on design testing as I try to construct my own letters.

Week 5

This week I continue to refine my project, looking into immigration and how this can play a role in my concept. I also explore various directions through mindmaps and moodboards.

Week 4

Can a language's aim be to communicate a spiritual feeling, rather than the more word? This week I continue my research into languages and places, where I start to reflect on what a language could be.

Week 2

This week I dive into methodology as I begin to reflect on the structure of my project. I also explore the hows and whys of type making for spaces, as I attempt to develop a working hypothesis.