Week 9

Week 9 is a week of experimentation and play. I look at the duality between office and home through juxtaposing physical elements. I also make an important discovery on good design and the usefulness of leaving certain things unsaid.

Week 8

This week I document my current skillset as well as skills I would like to obtain in the future. I have a go at making letters for a potential typeface, and I investigate potential ways of making a typography zine as part of a side project.

Week 7

This week I explore the theories of design methodologies. I use my findings to create a children’s story about a porcelain dog, which I end up visualising in an illustrated book.

Week 6

For week 6 I focus on recording the street Rosenhoffgata in a variety of ways. I look at a set of allotment gardens both in the contemporary and the historic sense. In terms of research I investigate the art of sketchbooks, as well as a variety of ways of evidencing one’s surroundings. Lastly I attempt to make a zine about contrast, where every page becomes a contrast to the previous.

Week 5

For week 5 I explore idea generating design processes like sketching and blind drawing, as well as principles of sustainable design strategies. I also try to convey answers to the question: how can we nurture our intuition and creativity, in order to come up with new and innovative ideas?

Week 4

In week 4 I reflect upon the self and how our need for products comes from our urge to work on the reflexive project of our selfs. With the use of sound waves, I experiment with automatism and the visualisation of the non-visual. I also explore our need for products further, with the creation of INGRID’s fizz, a set of soda can designs, meant to represent the self of Ingrid.

Week 3

This week I look at the variety in terminologies in graphic design. Is it possible to categorise them in a systematic way and can you really separate illustration from typography? I also experiment with type design and motion graphics, and reflect upon the sourcing of inspiration from physical surroundings.

Week 2

This week has been all about today’s design scene and how we got to where we are today. In this post I take a look at Norwegian design history and delve into some of my favourite Oslo based design studios. I also reflect upon the future of branding and the work of women who played an important part in design history.

Week 1

Ingrid Reigstad design who are you
To me, week 1 has been all about studio culture and what it means to be a designer. In this week's post I look at what makes me who I am, design studio case studies and the importance of editing.